Here we go again!!  Time to register for the 2019 Crossfit Open!  Here at Crossfit North Pole, we are taking this year’s games to a new level!  We want to see our box come together and work as teams to perform their best with combined efforts, enthusiasm and support.  Commit to performing each of the 5 workouts by registering or by signing-up on our white board.  Coach Ivy will create teams of those taking this challenge.  The teams will have the opportunity to compete against each other.  We want to see everyone challenging themselves and enjoying our great community!

The Open Workouts will be announced each Thursday at 4pm!  Join your fellow team mates upstairs above the gym to watch the reveal!  One of our favorite times of the year!!!  Our box will have judges at all of the classes on Fridays each week.  5am, 6am, 9am and 5:30pm, will be the regular class times.  If you will not be able to attend one of those times, contact one of the registered judges (all of our coaches) and schedule a time to perform the workout before Monday of the following week.

We will be hosting FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS by canceling Barbell Club Friday night and only be doing the Open WOD.  We encourage all teams to come and cheer, workout and then potluck to share after the WODs are all complete.  We will do this each Friday of the Open!!  It’s time to come together!  We invite all non-members registered with Crossfit for the Open to be judged during this time for free.  Just let us know you are coming!

Teams will be encouraged to create a team outfit, name and even a cheer if so desired!!!  Each week during the Open we will highlight a Coach’s Choice Athlete of the Week.  This year we will add a Team of the Week Choice, as well!  Special Coins are up for grabs so it’s time to bring your “A” Game!!!  Registration is open!!