This was definitely a great year for Connie!  She Rx’d every workout and landed in first place of her age division in the state of Alaska!  Yes, this incredible mother of 8 is in the 50-54 age group.  She can do chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, box jumps and so very close to handstand push-ups!!  You will find her in the 9am class for her regular workout, but if you stay for kid’s class she is in the back ground always working on improving or trying to accomplish another goal!  Oh wait, she has a high-schooler too…so often times you will see her back in the gym at 5pm working on more homework…Muscle-ups here she comes!  If that is not motivational enough, Connie suffered a stroke last summer.  She was concerned about starting over, but is adamant that because of Crossfit her recovery and trip back to health was shortened.  She was able to come back within 2 months and baffled her doctors.  Not sure she told them about her competing in the Open this year!

Athlete of the Open is an open vote for the entire gym to cast votes on who inspired them, motivated them to be better or was amazing to watch.  Some of Connie’s votes were amazing to read.  “Connie…because I want to be her when I grow up.”  “…she fiercely protects the gift of health and she just puts so much effort and heart into every workout.”  “Connie is amazing!”  She deserves a spot on our wall!!

I get the privilege of having her in my class and I love watching her encourage other classmates.  I personally am inspired when I see her watch a teenager do a technical move and then ask them to help her.  She is coachable and has had an amazing journey with us.  She is easily on the top of my list as being a great role model to the young, old and in between!  She is the first to play games and joke around with kids young and old!  Being humble enough to ask for help, courageous enough to try and fail and strong enough to keep going no matter how hard it becomes.  Well deserved Athlete of the Open!!