Barbell Club

Welcome to the Crossfit North Pole Barbell club! We will meet on Wed at 6PM and Sat. 10-11am.  Here we focus on our ability to move heavy steel through space with purpose: developing perfect technique, unparalleled strength and blinding speed. I am extremely excited to start this new program and have very high hopes and expectations for us all. Here are a few guidelines that will allow us to meet our goals.

What we are:

  1. We are here to work. Hard.  During sets and between them.
  2. We are here to have fun while not forgetting rule 1.
  3. We are here to support each other, to learn from our and others successes and failures.
  4. We are here to get better as a whole

What we are not:

  1. Meatheads: blindly throwing weights around making unmindful movements and noise.
  2. Unfocused: not being aware of our overall goals.
  3. Uninviting: not embracing the community we foster.
  4. Closed minded: we wont be afraid to try new training methods, movements, and techniques. When being critiqued, we will listen and give proper consideration.

To sum it all up, my expectation is that you come in, leave your ego at the door, work your ass off, train your body and your mind, and help others do the same for the hour we have together.

Words about the program:

We have limited time to get the work done. It is designed that you move steadily through it. This means a no more than 1.5-2 minutes between sets, even if your working with a partner. Be mindful of this. Keep each other focused.

Between sets, do something other than stand around. This is a great time to work on mobility or start warming up for the next lift if it works a different muscle group.

Plan on seeing movements that haven’t been introduced in CF, movements that are more isolated and focused. Some may seem silly but they are programmed by design. Trust us, trust the program, you will see results!

Our programming will parallel CFNP’s i.e., when they’re oly lifting, we’ll oly lift. When they powerlift, we’ll powerlift. We will differ in that our goals will be in the lifts themselves, not necessarily overall fitness. We will test and re-test at the end of each cycle to validate our training.

Again, I am so excited to begin this new journey with you all. Together, we are going to make great things happen! See you at the bar!

Coach Keith