What will 2020 have in store for you?  Have you thought about running your first marathon?  Do you want to learn how to lift weights?  Does your teenager play competitive sports and want an edge on his/her game?  Do you want to belong to a community that stays positive, encourages you to be better each day or misses you when you are gone?  Crossfit North Pole is full of amazing people, athletes, teenagers and kids that embody each one of these often unreachable goals and we are right down the street!  We are located at 2400 Dawson and invite you to come check us out for a free workout.

Our family moved here from WA almost 10 years ago and have fallen in love with the area, people and Alaska!  Our children drive to school each day to Fairbanks, a short 20 minute drive, where they use their skills they’ve learned in Crossfit to play football, soccer, basketball, hockey and run track!  Our eldest son used his tenacity in lifting and training to get him a spot on the Blackhills State Univiersity Cross-Country and Track Team.  Our family enjoys hiking, biking, backpacking and most sports.  Due to our love of Crossfit, we have been able to achieve many of our fitness goals.  Why wouldn’t we share something with our community that has helped us live such an amazing life without hesitation!?

Coach Ivy has been programming for 12 years.  She has developed plans for  individual training, group training and facility fitness programs.  We base our programming on our own athlete’s goals and weaknesses.  If being able to complete more work in a shorter amount of time is something you want to accomplish, we can help you.  We have been known to play ultimate frisbee where the 50 year olds are competitive with the 16 year olds.  That comes from experience in training and coaching each individual to help develop a healthy plan that keeps you active and able.  Ivy has successfully trained athletes that have State Lifting Records,won notable dog-mushing competitions, top 3 finishers in triathlons, ultra marathoners (Atacama Crossing competitor), State Champion runners, wrestlers, football players and athletes that just needed more confidence in their ability to be strong and fit.  In our short 7 years at Crossfit North Pole, we have graduated over 10 teenage athletes that compete for various colleges.  Those accomplishments have been direct result of athletes following their program, excellent coaching that truly cares for their athletes and athletes creating healthy habits.    

Are you a seasoned athlete?  Put our Coaches to the test.  We have have over 20 years in experience of coaching.  We pride ourselves and are held to high standards of coaching each individual in every class.  Walking into one of our classes you may find one WOD (workout of the day) with multiple versions of movements based on ability, strength and form being done.  We study video of our athletes, take notes and take individual interest in each clients goals.  We don’t charge extra to create workouts for those returning from pregnancy, injury, surgery or suffering ailments that impede movement.  Our coaching staff can help even the most seasoned lifter, runner or athlete become better than they are currently.  We rely on each other’s knowledge and working as a coaching staff not individuals.  We also offer personal training at our facility if you feel you need a specific training schedule.  We also offer online programming for those deployed, needing extra training for college off season or out of state athletes.  We have Crossfit Level I, II Certified Coaches, USA Weightlifting Certified Coaches and coaches that have been to more than 10 different level of athlete training courses/clinics.  We also have a three month training program for any new coaches that join our team.  After coaching for 3 plus years, our coaches start a prep class to create programs.

Our gym also believes in developing healthy, fit and able individuals that use their time with us to be able to enjoy their every day life!  We offer regular crossfit classes, kick-start classes (this is a stepping stone class that is not competitive, working on joint movements and cardio), barbell club and open gym.  We have multiple leveled coaches that offer personal training.  We will also be introducing new classes for 6-10 week cycles for those interested in specific training.  Our first one will be offered starting in January, BLAST (Body Logic and Street Tactics).  This is a self defense class to help create tools for individuals to protect themselves and those around them.  We have also teamed up with local clinics to offer a monthly Monday evening free informational talk by local Doctors, Therapists and/or Nutritionists.   Our first one scheduled for January is on the 20th at 6PM with Nutritionist Sicily Shankle.

Call, text or email any questions that this article leaves unanswered!  We would love to add you to our community and why not make 2020 your year!!!  Phone – 253-306-0516 Email [email protected] Website www.crossfitnorthpole.net