Gearing up for an active summer!  We are offering 3 kid’s classes starting in June!  Alaska Kid Ninja Class, Intro. to Lifting and Advanced Sport’s Class.  Each class is unique and should fit each child in your house!!

Our Alaska Kid Ninja Class will be Monday/Wednesday 10:15am-11:15am at Crossfit North Pole.  We have designed this class to get kids ages 4-12 active, having fun and working on coordination skills.  We will start each class with a warm-up then move to different type of obstacles.  As a class we discover the most efficient way to conquer the obstacles.  The class will end with different obstacle races and scenarios.  This class has always been very popular since it’s induction to our summer program 4 years ago!  Please call, text, message or drop in to sign up your child for this program during the month of May.  We will begin June 3rd.  Cost will be $75/month.

The Introduction to Lifting Class will be structured as a skill based class.  We will learn the basics to each lift starting with the power movements.  After mastering those lifts we will move onto the olympic movements.  Age requirement for this class is 12-18.  It will build upon each class and so it is in the student’s best interest not to miss a class once it has begun.  This class will meet 10:15-11:15 Tues/Thurs.  Please call, text, message or drop in to sign up your child for this program during the month of May.  We will begin June 4th.  Cost will be $75/month.

Our Advanced Sport’s Class was created for Teens that want an edge over their competition when returning to their competitive sports.  ASC age requirement is 12-18.  We work on speed, agility and strength.  We have produced multiple collegiate athletes from this program.  We begin the class by identifying which sport the athlete specifically would like to excel at and design workouts for each athlete.  These athletes need to be self driven, dedicated and will be expected to work hard for their goals.  We have been perfecting this class since 2014.  We have helped hockey players, basketball players, runners and soccer players get to the next level with this class.  Currently we have it scheduled for Tues/Thurs 8am and possibly Fri at 9am.  We will begin June 4th.  Cost will be $75/month.

Please call or message any questions about these classes at 253-306-0516 or [email protected]  All classes will require at least 6 participants to ensure they are added to our calendar this summer!  Multi-kid and multi-class discounts available.