Join us for the next 5 weeks as we begin the 2018 Crossfit Open!  The first WOD will be released this Thursday, February 22.  Each athlete will have until Monday of each week to submit their scores.  This 5 week online competition allows Crossfitters of all levels to compete against people from all over the world.  The leaders can be seen by creating your own group of scaled, Rx’d, age, sex, occupation and state!  It is a fun way to see where you rank or just to put yourself out of your normal routine.  At Crossfit North Pole, we encourage all members to get out of their comfort zone every so often and this is a great time do try it!  We will all be held to our level of standard at each WOD and be provided a judge.  All Friday classes will run the Open WOD.  We invite any visitors or local non-members who have registered for the CF Open to drop-in at no charge.  5am, 6am, 9am, 5pm (until the last athlete is done)

Since this is an online competition, we won’t know what the WOD will be until Thursday at 4pm!  The Crossfit Games announce each week’s WOD with a face-off.  We have created an event out of that face-off here at Crossfit North Pole.  Come to the gym at 4pm and watch it with fellow CF North Polers and get excited to see what is in store for you Friday!!  Keep in mind if you need to run the WOD at a day different than Friday please contact a coach and they will schedule a time to meet at the gym to accommodate!

If you choose to not participate online, you will still be doing that WOD on Friday.  Of course, we will scale it to your ability!!  We will have Team Day on Thursdays for the next 5 weeks to accommodate for the change of schedule.

We at Crossfit North Pole also declare 3 winners during this 5 week period!  We have a male and female winner of the Open based on finishing results just against fellow Crossfit North Polers!  We also have a competition for Athlete of the Open at CFNP.  This individual gets voted on by the whole gym.  The criteria of this winner will be based on their presence to others during the Open, their sportsmanship, their achievements and their dedication to getting better!!