Pumpkin spice, leaves that fall and classes that will make you feel nice!!!  A new opportunity to WOD during your lunch break!!  Our new schedule will include a NOON WOD with Coach Devinn!  She will be offering this class Mon-Fri!  You will have to opportunity to catch the WOD or get your strength in during that hour.

We will not be canceling Open Gym though!  Our new Open Gym will be from 1pm-2pm.  Open Gym is for you to work on your skill that you need to practice, getting your strength in or completing a WOD you missed.

Starting September 3, Home school PE will resume! If you have never experienced our great class this will be your opportunity!  We offer a 45 minute class of activity for ages 4-12.  This class has been developed over the past 8 years to best suite our Home school students.  We work on develop mental skills in a fun, challenging and encouraging environment!  Coach Ivy has developed methods to increase team building, leadership and responsibility of each individual student.  Students come away from the class with better physical and mental capabilities.  This class is offered Mon and Wed at 10:15am-11am.  It is $75/month for the first student and $50/month for each additional family member.

Our next addition to our schedule is Kickstart!  This class was developed for those individuals that are not quite ready to take on a Crossfit Class.  We work on functional movements (movements your body was designed to perform) in a non-competitive workout.  This class was designed as a large scale group personal training session with the end goal to move better, feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.  Coach Ivy will also be heading this class up with 12 years of experiance in scaling, training and developing workouts for every stage of fitness.  An ideal fit for someone recovering from injury, just having a baby or someone who has decided it is time to change your life.  It will be offered Mon and Wed at 11:15am.  The cost is $75/month.

The next big schedule change will be our evening classes.  We will be combining our classes to create one WOD in the evening.  Mon, Tues, Thurs class time will be 6PM.  Wed class time will be 5:30PM.  Barbell Club will still meet Wed at 6:30PM and Fri at 5PM.  If attendance becomes too large for one class we will adjust as necessary to fit our Gym needs.

We also offer Goal Based Personal Training…lifestyle, fitness goals and/or mental toughness can be addressed in these sessions.  Personal Training is scheduled individually.

Call for a personal consultation.  This is a free session to help you best decide what your fitness journey should include.  Regular WOD’s, Kickstart, Barbell Club or Personal Trainings.

If you are new to Crossfit North Pole or need more information please call or text Ivy at 253-306-0516.  You could find us on Facebook or Instagram as well!  We would love to answer any questions you may have as well!  CROSSFIT NORTH POLE IS LOCATED AT 2400 DAWSON RD IN NORTH POLE, AK