School time in the interior, September 10th our Homeschool PE Class will start up again! Looking back at this class and how it has evolved into what it has become is amazing!!  This class began as a class to promote healthy families.  Today I believe it develops children into leaders with communication skills, it develops hand eye coordination with confidence to try new sports in different clubs, it develops good team members and all while growing physically into confident teenagers.

In 2010, we invited members of our gym to bring their children to workout with them for free in the month of June.  It was so encouraging to see these kids amazed by their parent’s fitness and their abilities in the gym!  Too many times our children don’t get to witness us in the gym, sweating, working hard and breathing hard.  About 7 of those kids asked if they could continue to come to the gym throughout the summer.  These kids were not homeschooled and only had the summer off.  They wanted to come back the next summer.  Those 7 kids are now in highschool and a couple have gone to college.  They were the basis of our original class and you can still see them come WOD with the adults!  Three of them were in the top 10 of Alaska Teens for the Crossfit Open this year!  They became inspirations!!

In 2013, we started to have an advanced sport’s class in the summer and a general fitness class for the kids of CFNP.  The “Men’s Club” was born.  This group has advanced all sports that they practice today.  Two being amazing swimmers and qualifying for State for the past 3 years.  You will see 2 running the ball for their football teams…against each other as they attend different high schools.  They also rarely get taken out of the game as they play as running backs and on defense as well.  Another athlete running and qualifying for State all four years of his track and cross-country track career.  We had hockey players that left us to attend college and continue to play at that high level!  These kids have been amazing and have represented Crossfit North Pole to the best of their ability by being the fastest, strongest and having great mental attitudes.

In 2014, we decided to expand our summer class to the school year as our home school members increased.  In that year, we discovered when our home school kids and regular schooled children got together there was a gap.  Although their fitness could be comparable, their specific sport’s skills seemed to be different.  This is where our Home school PE Class began.  It was originally created to shorten that gap so when summer came summer class could play volleyball, soccer, basketball and pretty much any other sport!!  By 2015 to the dismay of some of their parents, some of our PE  athletes decided they needed to expand their fitness.  They started running community 5Ks, a couple joined the local school track team or basketball team.  Their confidence in themselves and their willingness to the try something new was definitely amazing to witness.  As our kids would get older we could encourage them to graduate from the PE Class to attend regular Crossfit classes.  Today you will see a number of those teens working out with their parents and other adults during our regular classes.  They are easy to see because they will inevitably be either moving faster than most or lifting more weights then the new adults to class.

As our group became teenagers our gym started with a new generation.  As a gym we never believe we have reached our ability to change and become better.  2016 to present our Home school PE Class is always adapting and changing to now not only including hand and eye coordination, but other developmental skills.  We started incorporating team workouts with a team leader that had to communicate with the coach to then explain in an encouraging way what the workout was and how they as a team were going to accomplish it.  This meant the team members had to cooperate with each other, listen, give opinions, but most importantly encourage each other along the way.  In a class today, you will witness a variety of all of these great skills being practiced and perfected.  Our kids are continuously stimulated by learning these skills physically and mentally and practicing them.   They may not realize that is what is happening, but the outcome is evident!  We now encourage all home school children members and non-members to benefit from this class.

Our Home school PE Class meets Mon and Wed at 10:15am at Crossfit North Pole.  Our first class will be September 10, 2018.  Please consider signing up you 5-12 year old!  If you need more info, feel free to call Ivy at 253-306-0516.