The roaring 20’s have begun!  Members have been busy setting their 2020 goals!  We will be posting them on our walls as a reminder that we are always working towards something…maybe a faster mile time, being able to do pull-ups, handstand walks, muscle-ups, heavier bench press or rowing 1000m faster.  Our programming allows our members to gain results and our results are measurable!  Excited to see what the year brings!!!

Our Homeschool PE Program will continue to meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:15am for ages 4-13.  Older teenagers have the option this month to check out any of our regular WOD’s or start out at our Kickstart Class Monday and Wednesdays at 11:15am.

If you are thinking about trying out our gym, call or text at 253-306-0515 for a free class.  We encourage you to join us at a regular scheduled class to do a trial workout.  Our community is second to none and would love to meet you!  We also offer a free consultation appointments for individuals that would rather do personal training with our qualified coaches.

We are excited to offer a monthly “BETTER YOUR HEALTH” series of presentations.   You will find these on a Monday evening each month.  Our first presentation will be Monday, Jan. 20th at 6pm.  Cicely Shankle, MS, CNS from the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine will be giving us some great information on nutrition.  She specializes in low-sugar/low-carb, ketogenic, dairy-free, and anti-inflammatory diets.  This is free to the public.  You do not have to be a member to enjoy these presentations!

We are also inviting Amy Seiberlich, ND from the Alaska Center for Natural Mediciine to create a 2020 nutrition challenge.  It will be a six week lifestyle challenge to creating new, healthy eating habits.  She will be introducing Bright Line Eating to those who decide to take advantage of this opportunity.  You do not have to be a member of Crossfit North Pole to take advantage of this support group and special eating plans that Ms. Seiberlich will be developing for each person that decides to take this challenge.  Her free informational discussion will be held at Crossfit North Pole on January 25 at noon.  Again, we invite all community members not just Crossfit North Pole members to attend.  Come with any questions!!

Please also look foreward to a specialized course each quarter provided by Crossfit North Pole.  As a teaser, our first specialized course BLAST (Body Logic and Street Tactics) will be offered starting in February!!

We are very excited to CONGRATULATE those individuals who have been invited to the Alaskan Open Invitational Crossfit Competition in Anchorage.  In order to be invited, these individuals had to place in the top of the state in their age divisions during the world wide competition in October, the Crossfit Open 2020.  Way to perform Masters 40-44  Jayme Greene and Ivy Nicholson, Teen 14-15 William Good, Gavin Weber, Olivia Demlow, Grace Green and Teen 16-17 Dawson Weber.  Jayme Greene also was invited as a wild card for the Open Division!  Great work athletes!

We would also like to CONGRATULATE three new members of our Coaching Staff!  After completing a comprehension course on Functional Fitness, Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting programming/ideology/methodology they also completed their in-house apprentice coaching hours.  Connie Villa, Shelby Weber and Mary Santiago will be joining our staff to help make our athletes better!  Thanks for joining the team!  If you are interested in coaching at Crossfit North Pole, we are always looking for individuals!