As March has begun like a lion, we decided to follow suite!  We have decided to have a fun month with a lot of activities for our members.  We started with our own version of the Iditerod….I “DID” a WOD!!  Members have the ability to follow the current Iditerod trail with their own dogs.  To advance, certain tasks have to be completed.  Following our tradition of serving our community, you will find bringing food donations and community service among the tasks that an athlete can perform to advance.

Kid’s Class has also begun the race.  They get to advance by earning good behavior spaces, winning challenges and doing chores for their families.  They got to pick out puppies to run the race.

Schedule for Open Gym will return to Saturdays 10am-12pm.  BLAST was a successful class with  a lot of skills, techniques and knowledge shared by Coach Illguth.  We were very lucky to be able to offer this great class.  We will be looking into the next 6 week course and would love to have feedback as to what specialty course you would like to participate in.

Coach Ivy is also planning a class especially for those individuals that are 60+  This class if interest is high enough will focus on balance, functional movement and stretching.  We want to help get our older members moving and able to continue their standard of living….hunting, fishing, gardening and being Alaskan!!  Please contact Ivy at 253-306-0516 if you would like more information on this class.  It will be offered 2 days a week starting mid April.

Don’t forget we offer Personal Training for sport’s specific goals!  Give us a call, email or message for questions or to schedule your free consultation!!