Starting Wednesday, April 3, Coach Devinn will be offering a new class to our gym!  We have named the class CARDIO BLAST!   The class is designed to increase your VO2 max and target your core.  The movements are organized in a way to get your heart rate up and blast calories!  You will use your abs and back as stabilizers to rid yourself of that unwanted layer!

  All athletes will find something for themselves in this class.    Let Coach Devinn help you get ready for this summer’s activities like hiking, running or swimming!  If you are an active Crossfitter, you will find this class great for an active recovery day.  It will be a good addition to most programs.

Coach Devinn will program an inviting class for all levels.  It will begin at 4:30pm.  If you have a membership with our gym you are welcome to this class with no additional charge.  If you do not have a membership, but would like to take advantage of this class punch cards available.  We are located at Crossfit North Pole at 2400 Dawson Rd North Pole, AK .  For more information call 253-306-0516!!