Our PFD Special is running for October and November!

If you make the commitment to join our community in these next couple of months we are offering a discount for your commitment to health!  If you join and pay for 3 months your discount is 10% off total bill or the 6 month discount is 15% off.  If you pay up front for an entire year you will recieve 20% off which equals more than 2 months for free!!  We want to see you succeed!  Crossfit North Pole Family is here because we feel success when our members reach their goals not because we want your money!!


As fall rolls on we have a few updates for our great members of Crossfit North Pole!!  We have decided to continue our Consistency Challenge into October and November!  We are challenging you to attend 20 or more classes each month!  Let’s see the benefits you receive by being consistent…feeling better, sleeping better and avoiding the lack of sun down time!!  As a bonus you get to get a prize from the Crossfit North Pole Goodie Bin each month you succeed.  We aren’t stopping there, because we want you to be successful!  If you are consistent at least two of the three months your name gets entered into a drawing for a free Month’s Membership.

For the remaining of October, we will continue with skill development on Monday evenings at 6pm.  Next week, the 15th, Coach Devinn will begin at 6:15pm with a class on mobility.  October 22nd, Coach Ivy will cover the Clean at 6pm.  October 29th Coach Duke will be teaching different Handstand and Handstand Walking Techniques.  We will discontinue Skill class in November.  Non-members are welcome for a $15 drop in fee for the that class.

In November, we will begin a new night schedule!  Monday – Thursday classes will be at 5:30PM and 6:30PM.  We will discontinue Kickstart Classes due to members graduating to Crossfit Classes.  At this time, we will have two coaches at the classes in the evening and will be able to scale workouts to your ability regardless of your skill level.  Barbell Club will meet on Wednesday at 6:30pm and Friday at 5pm.  Morning classes will remain the same.  

We will also be bringing back BINGO for November!  Members will find the theme of the boxes will not only benefit themselves, but others.  It will be our month to be grateful and thankful for our community, coaches and those that help us to be better each day!  For each Bingo earned you will get your name entered into a drawing for a free month!!

Of course, our great kids of our Crossfit North Pole Family will also be doing their food drive for our local North Pole Food Bank that benefits those families in our community that need a little help over the holidays in November!  Start stockpiling now to help those families and better your Thanksgiving WOD that will be held the week of Thanksgiving!  More details will follow!!

Call, text, message or email for any more information on any of the programs we are offering for the Fall!  Phone number is 253, 306-0516, email is [email protected] and you can find us on facebook or instagram!  We would love to help you become stronger and healthier tomorrow than you are today!!